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  • 26 Jan

    Complaints are gems in customer experience !

    Complaints are great opportunities to improve your customer experience ! I shudder when I hear leaders say, we don’t get complaints here! Let’s face it, there is no perfect business, so your team is either concealing the complaints or your customers are just too frustrated to be bothered to complain. There are varying schools of […]

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  • 06 Jan

    Boost your customer experience with metrics!

    Every October, we celebrate Customer Service Week worldwide. Some customer experience practitioners used the week as a learning opportunity to reinforce customer service values within their organisations. Others chose to treat customers to various giveaways and tokens of appreciation. However, our consensus is that notwithstanding the celebratory nature of the week, the greatest way to […]

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  • 27 Dec

    Bad customer experience? Look at the leadership!

    Dear Bajans: Providing a good customer experience  doesn’t equate to servitude. Our collective customer- centric ethos as a nation is severely lacking. In the midst of all of our economic woes as a country, including an IMF programme and likely further austerity measures, one would think that providing an excellent customer experience would be at […]

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